Presentation of the call for projects: Open Platform for high speed broadband services

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In the framework of the European project Open Cities, a platform has been developed as a FREE scheme for SMEs to prototype high speed broadband services (games, media, e-learning, collaborative intelligence, etc.). The call for projects is open until October 2011. The participants in this session will be given all the information necessary to decide whether to apply or not. (sessió en anglès)


In order to pave the way for the development of SMART CITIES,  the EU-funded project ‘OPEN CITIES’ (of which Barcelona Activa is a partner) has launched a call for projects called “Open platform for High Speed Broadband Services” ( ).

The main goal of this call is to open a successful High Speed Broadband platform developed by Cap Digital to European SMEs. This platform is a pre-commercialization platform which will enable entrepreneurs to fine tune their existing services thanks to technical assistance and advisors, and test them using a selected panel of real users (motivated by incentives) connected to broadband networks, at least in Paris. In 2008, 30 projects were released from this platform; .

To explain and promote the call and the platform to potentially-interested SMEs, 5 public meetings are planned, in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Helsinki, Berlin and Barcelona.

Barcelona’s public meeting will take place next September 15th in the BCNord Technology Park.

Preliminary agenda:
– Brief introduction of the objectives of Open Cities and CapDigital
– Presentation of the platform
– Profile of the companies targeted (types of companies and projects, commitments necessary if any, etc.).
– (For those considering applying for the call) Presentation by the participating companies
– Questions&Answers


15/09/2011 de 17:00 a 19:00 hores

Lloc de realització

Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Nord. Marie Curie, 8-14 Barcelona 08042, Telèfon: 932917777

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