php Conference 2011 (28 i 29 Oct), oberta inscripció

The registration to the event is now open!

The PHP Barcelona Conference 2011 will take place from the 28th to the 29th of October and is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with other developers, architects, managers, and prominent community members on the very shore of the Mediterranean.

Having reached its 5th edition, the event looks back on its predecessors which have all been an amazing success, both in attendance and in not only the quality of the topics covered and the detail in which they have been approached, but also in the fin and general good spirits that reign throughout the experience.

Come to Barcelona to see Rasmus Lerdorf, Derick Rethans, Fabien Potencier, Marco Tabini and many more open the hood and expose the secrets of PHP and PHP related technologies that make the Internet what it is today, and that power what the Internet will be tomorrow.

It’ll be a big party and if you want to join us, you are very welcome!

Registration to PHP Barcelona Conference 2011

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