Drupal Developers Day 2012 Barcelona, 15-17 de juny al Citilab

A partir del dilluns 11 de juny, però sobre tot entre el 15 i 17, al Citilab de Cornellà te lloc la trobada anual europea de desenvolupadors de Drupal.

Tota la informació la trobareu aquí.

All European Drupal developers (from anywhere else as well) are welcome to help us rock Barcelona during three exciting conference days.

During the Drupal Developer Days you can expect sessions, trainings, ad-hoc meetings, code sprints and practical workshops about the latest developments within the world of Drupal.

The conference is targeted at Drupal developers with varying skills sets: from beginners, who just discovered Drupal to experts that push the Certified to Rock meter into the red. The sessions will focus on technical topics.


On Friday you can participate in code sprints and trainings, so you are well prepared for a long Saturday, to the brim filled with sessions. Saturday night you can re-charge your batteries and socialize during the Drupal Fiesta. But don’t party too hard because we need you back on Sunday, for more interesting sessions. We stop early on Sunday so everyone can travel home safely or enjoy a well deserved siesta.


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